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Laricia “Sing To Me” Vintage T-Shirt



“Sing To Me”


The “Sing to me” merch collection is available for a limited time only. this is laricia’s very first merch release ever. The photograph in this collection was captured by photographer “Daisy Mecinas” In Los Angeles, California on a Mamiya RB67. Laricia’s first bilingual single “Cánta Me” was the inspiration behind this drop. “Cánta me” is an amalgamation of Afro/Latin vibes with a sprinkle of R&B that beautifully illustrates who “Laricia” is as an artist. If Selena and Aaliyah had a musical lovechild, “Cánta Me” would be its first words. “Laricia” had been wanting to record vocals over an Afrobeat for quite some time. While still wanting to bring her own twist to it. She then approached Grammy Nominated producer and songwriter “Drew Scott” who she’d already been working with, to help her execute the magical production on “Cánta Me”. This single is featuring American-Colombian Reggaeton artist “Riia”. Who brought such romantic dance energy to the song. The collaboration on “Cánta Me” was a way for us to show how connected we all really are. Making a bilingual song with artists on two opposite sides of the spectrum, that everyone could enjoy was a special moment for us. Nothing feels better than having the time of your life with someone you just met. “Cánta Me” sheds light on how we all gravitate towards a good vibe and have all four things in common Love, Dancing, Singing, and having a good time. It only feels right to describe this track as feel-good global music!


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